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    I N
    June 06, 2024

    Colton is very friendly and professional, He performed the water heater maintenance and replaced the parts needed. Also, he explained me how much the water pressure should be inside the house and if it was higher than 80 psi call the company and b verified that the water conditioner was working properly. I am satisfied with his service and knowledge of his work. I have been using their services for more than 4 years in my house and I had not been disappointed.

    TC Lefever
    June 10, 2024

    I have done business with Butter plumbing for 22 years, as long as I've had my condo. Well, no more. In Nov I called because I tested my air conditioning and it was blowing warm air. It all runs through my hot water heater. I was getting hot water, heat but no air. They sent a technician and I thought all was ok. Charged what I thought was an extremely high price for a part, 1326.00. But I paid it with the guarantee of 2 years on the part and everything would work. It's now June 8 and it all goes out. I call them and suddenly they say it's not their problem. They don't work an AC issues. But you sure did in Nov and you sure took my money for some part that now isn't working. They send out a technician after I had to almost beg and was told I wasn't important. He shows up clearly not going to look at anything. Says oh I'm told to play with the thermostat. Then says the part wasnt for AC it was heat, whichI said also doesn't work. Figuring if you just fix the part it will fix it all. Of course when i said that on the phone they told me i didn't need heat. Then he said nope can't help, even though he clearly saw the heat also didn't work. He did nothing, looked at nothing. They clearly sent him to pretend. He even got on the phone and snickered with his boss in front of me. So if you want to be ripped off and treated rudely this is your place. I've never in my life seen anything like this. I didn't even have them out for something new...it was the whole reason they came out before! So I'm out 1326.00 and no AC in 110 weather. Great job guys, hope you are proud.

    Lisa Proxmire
    January 01, 2024

    Well having your hot water go out on New Years Eve isn’t great but luckily Butter Plumbing was open and had techs working. They gave me a 2 hour window which actually was more like 4.5 hours but they send you a text and email of the tech coming out with a little bio about the person which is cute. They bring their own booties so their shoes don’t mess up your floors and it was my thermocouple that needed to be replaced because the pilot light wouldn’t stay on. That was about $400 for service call, parts, and labor. Did you know that if you need a water heater replaced on a second floor they charge extra for that which is over $300 and requires 2 people. Fernando was super polite, nice, and professional. He was done in about an hour. Not the cheapest repair but glad it is fixed and has a 1 year warranty for that part.

    Marge Chervinski
    January 02, 2024

    I called expecting there would be a long delay in getting help with my leaking water shut off valve. The service representative was there within the hour, was friendly, informative and proceeded to change out the valve system well within the estimated time. He also cleaned up the area leaving it in better shape than when he arrived. I have used Butter Plumbing in the past and will continue to use them in the future as I have always been very happy with their service.

    Ann Devers
    June 13, 2024

    Butter is on speed dial! They service not only my home but my rental. I can even call and have them take care of problems at the rental when I'm on travel. Technicians are top pros and best in Vegas. Ann Devers Las Vegas, NV

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    4130 Arctic Spring Ave Suite A, Las Vegas, NV 89115, USA

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