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    Hillary lunoe
    September 21, 2023

    So happy with the remediation and all the professional workers they sent to my home, particularly Victor. There was lots of communication throughout the entire process and they were very helpful in dealing with our insurance company. I would recommend Joe’s team of professionals to my friends and family. Thanks again guys! We are so pleased.

    Ed Teixeira
    February 09, 2024

    We hired LV Restoration to do water damage restoration at our home, and we are very satisfied with the results. They were professional, punctual, and courteous throughout the whole process. They communicated well with us and kept us updated on the progress. They finished the work on time and within the budget. The quality of their work was excellent, and they paid attention to every detail. We would highly recommend Joe and the team to anyone looking for a reliable and skilled contractor.

    Ember Morr
    June 08, 2024

    LV Restoration Inc was fast, reliable and solved my plumbing issue quickly. Brian, the tech, quickly identified the leaking line and shut it off. Can’t thank them enough for a great job!

    Christopher Gee
    April 09, 2024

    HOW MUCH IS A FREE ESTIMATE? A FREE ESTIMATE IS $1,398.00 + a CONSTRUCTION LIEN ON YOUR HOUSE. Just ask Joe D. the owner! I thank God, I did not let this company touch my home! CONSUMER BEWARE!!!! LV Restoration is false advertising their free estimates. I am an Operation Enduring Freedom Disabled War Veteran. I had water damage to my home so I contacted Joe ,the owner, based on his websites advertisement for FREE ESTIMATES. Joe came to the property and he was polite, but adamant about me signing work release forms immediately. I explained to Joe that I would prefer that he first submit his bid to the insurance company and I will then make the final decision regarding which company to perform the rebuild. Joe was also aware that I had obtained other estimates. After careful consideration, I decided to contract another restoration company and informed Joe of my decision. Despite, his persistent objections to my reasons for moving forward with another company, he seemingly gave me his best wishes regarding the rebuild of my property. One month later, Joe serves my property with a construction lien charging me $1,398.00 for for what was supposed to be a free estimate. There was never any discussion or agreement between us regarding a fee for an estimate. I then contacted LV Restoration and the secretary told me they serve these fraudulent liens all the time. I have contacted legal and I will be taking legal action against LV Restoration to ensure that they stop this illegal practice of False advertising and frivolous construction liens. Due your due diligence regarding Joe and his company. You will find previous infractions and fines assessed against this company on the Nevada State Contractors board public records and BBB. Reply: Free estimate is a free estimate. I had 7 estimates provided by different contract companies all free as stated on their website. Each submitted their bids along with measurements and photos. Only difference is the other contractors are not looking to SCAM people. You did not perform ABSOLUTELY NO work, nor did you state you were going to charge me for a FREE ESTIMATE. You also had nothing to do with the bid that was approved. Obviously, thats why your bid did not have final approval by the insurance adjuster. You are just upset because you didn't get hired for the job. So in retaliation you decided to place a fraudulent construction lien against my property. That is illegal and YOU Joe have violated the law by means of False advertising and placing a FRIVOLOUS CONSTRUCTION LIEN. I am Simply warning the public. Reply: I have all the documentation and correspondence between us and I can't wait for it to be presented to a judge. You will not scam me and expect to get away with it Joe! It's not slander or defamation, it's facts that I'm stating based on my interaction with you and how you conduct business. Joe, I hope you understand how ridiculous that sounds because if your estimates costs your company money, then maybe you shouldn't advertise FREE ESTIMATES then or absorb the costs as part of doing business. Furthermore, to avoid scamming people under the misconception of a free estimate, you should let them know they are not free before coming to the property to perform an estimate. When I spoke with your secretary she stated that no contract or agreement or any sign documents were on file, so she could not provide me copy. But it in retaliation you apply a FRIVOLOUS CONSTRUCTION LIEN ON MY PROPERTY! Let's see how a judge decides this one. Reply: Please provide with me any agreement or signed documentation contract based on the this Non Free estimate and I will remove my posts. You don't have one so it stays up!

    Larry Petsche
    March 19, 2024

    Really good experience with LV Restoration, the tech Bryan was knowledgeable and was willing to listen to me and work with me to achieve an end result. He went out of his way to try and resolve our sewer situation! I would recommend LV Restoration over a plumbing company for anyone that has drain line problems.

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