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    Alina Zehri
    January 09, 2024

    Milton to the rescue! Friendly and professional, he answered all our questions patiently and gave us a quick e-quote after checking the pipes. Top-notch service and quality work, all with a smile. Thanks Milton!

    Lorraine Moliga
    April 06, 2024

    Thank you, Scott, for the exceptional service! It’s always nice to have honest and helpful people help you out. We appreciate you explaining our options and helping us choose the best one to get our sewer line unclogged! Thank you for being so attentive and caring, while also solving our plumbing problem!

    Claudia Urbano
    January 25, 2024

    Travis is the best plumber we have ever had. He is friendly, courteous, and provides excellent work. Their prices are great and I would not trust the plumbing in my home to anyone else. Our home is from an older community where the plumbing is challenging. Travis is upfront so there are no surprises with the costs. Very appreciated. I would give 10 stars if I could.

    Chef 3rdEyeZoe
    May 14, 2024

    As a disabled VETERAN, THIS IS A SCAM ALERT!!! I have reached out to this company via text and email about my dissatisfaction and reporting this to Consumer Affairs. I found them online after there ad caught my eye for $47 Drain Cleaning. I called and made sure it wasn't any hidden fees and booked for the next day. The rep over the phone specifically said please be up at 7a because a technician will be there to do the work. They will call you in route and if you do not answer will cancel the call. I was up by 6a. 6:55a came no call no show. So I called and spoke to Kim. she said that the person was in route and someone would call me shortly. So after another hour I called again to relay that it was unfair to have me up so early with not even a phone call update because at minimum you. knew this person would be late. So then Kim said Courtney was the dispatcher and they had been having problems with the technician she apologized again for his tardy and said Courtney would call me. That never happened. Well 2.5 hours min went by and I a knock at my door because at this point Im looking for other companies to get the work done. He doesnt apologize for being late nor does he even address it. Then here comes the SCAM. I show him around and then he says he's going to evaluate the situation. Comes back to relay he needs to use a $275 camera in order to look into my drain. I needed to pay for the use of the camera but it would not cover the cost of the drain cleaning. I'm so overwhelmed by the lies and I tell him at that point I only have the price we agreed upon for the drain cleaning. So before you know it he has another associate come onsite take my credit application and proceeds to tell me the min it would take to fix my drain is $4k and they would damage drywall and flooring and I had to pay for those repairs but they knew a company. At this point, I had enough and I rushed them the hell out my house and told them I only had $50 to pay towards the service which he proceeds to tell me I paid for the use of a camera not the drain cleaning and I owed $225. I didnt even argue I wanted to convince them I wanted them to do the work so they could get the hell out of my house and I could think clearly. After, confirming with two other plumbing companies, a real plumber doesnt need a $275 camera to assess work and I had much more affordable options. I literally had a backedup drain and these guys were straight SCAMMERs. After no repsonse to request of my $50 refund I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Veteran Affairs. I can only imagine how many black, female, veterans, elderly have been scammed. You were a no show with no apologies who then wanted to get paid for lying and doing none of what was promised because they never cleaned the drain and told me they had to use the camera to diagnose at a cost of $275 but did nothing to repair the issue and offered nothing but a $4k fix which would allow them to damage my home more without any repercussions. How are companies like this in existence? DO NOT USE ANY OF THEIR LOCATIONS! The intentions were definitely malice and not cost effective. It sickens me to know that this actually happened to me and may have happened to others BE AWARE! I have receipts for the communication and the cost. I'm truly baffled they deserve no stars because that is not community! They were definitely taking advantage of the situation. They blindsided me so it took a couple of hours to realize what had taken place. the job was done for a little over $100 can you imagine?

    Vince Castro
    March 07, 2024

    This company is the worst if you have an emergency with your plumbing. I had a pipe crack outside the house on 3/3/24. I call Rooter Ranger Plumbing at 2:30pm, because they have 24 hr service. Spoke with very friendly lady on the phone, and she scheduled me in for that day. I get a phone call at 8:19pm that night and was told they do not have anyone available. The girl that I spoke with, told me that they were putting me on the priority list the first of the morning. They would be at the house at 7am. Monday morning 3/4/24. No call, No show. I had to reach out to another company and they were on the way. Thank you Javier Plumbing. A job well done!!!!!

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