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    Kate S.R
    February 06, 2024

    Switched insurance companies so had to switch dental office, my kids (6 and 8) were worried of how it would be with the change. They absolutely loved it, no long wait times. Staff is nice and everything is clean, made my kids feel comfortable. My shy girl even loved it and they took the time to make small talk to my kids and explained to them what they had to do. Made an appointment for my self too cant wait for it.

    Harmony Calhoun
    May 07, 2024

    I highly recommend Sahara Modern Dentistry for any dental work. They took such good care of me. I have chronic pain flares from a vaccine that never went away and I try hard not to clench my teeth when I get a pain attack but apparently I still do and was cracking my fillings. The small ones and new cavities they fixed and the big fillings we did crowns to evenly distribute the pressure because of sensitivity and one old filling from another dentist popped off so I definitely needed crowns and was nervous to get them but now that I have them I’m very happy and would recommend both crowns if you need them and Sahara Modern Dentistry to do them. The crowns look and feel great and if any discomfort they would see me and take a look and filed them till absolutely perfect. I’m truly grateful and would recommend them to anyone! Lulu is my dentist there now and she’s very good and very sweet too.

    June 07, 2024

    Probably the best dentist I have been to. Knowledgeable people, quick work, and hard working. The dentist herself did my cleaning to keep thing moving along. Very short lobby time. Highly recommend.

    quynh-chau Luong
    May 21, 2024

    DON'T EVER GO HERE FOR YOUR DENTAL NEEDS. They don't even get 1 star if there is an option of 0 stars. They will over charged your insurance and of course when the insurance denied they will charge you even though multiple time they assured you there will be 0 balance. This is a way to rip you off! My husband, last year needed 2 extractions but when he came & was under they removed 4 tooth and they charged 4 times for anesthesia - procedure was only one time. After fighting back and forth, we just came to office and right there they dropped $100 of the bill - what does that meant? they overcharged and as long as you are willing to pay, they just dropped to "make them look good" On that day - in January 2024 - we cancelled ALL our appointments for both of us and guess what? This morning they called and said I have an appointment and it is a no-show - which pretty much meant they can charge you even if the service was not been done! Yes, place is new, clean, nice but be aware of the fact of their billings can be very much fishy. Don't believe/trust them when they assured everything will be covered because like us, you may end up pay out of your pocket?We will report to the American Dentistry Association to prevent other patients being rip off especially if you are under senior citizens and under Medicare program DO NOT GO HERE! They are the ONLY dentist office that assure you of 0 balance and after work was done, will bill you due to the fact they overcharged insurance and they denied the payment!

    February 23, 2024

    JUST WOW! I cant say enough about how great my experience was! I am relieved to have found a great dentist after having the worst. The office is in a great location and super nice inside! You walk in and they make you feel like family, I really enjoyed my interactions with all the employees. The thing that stuck out to me is that they genuinely care about you-ask if you need water, make sure you are comfortable with the procedure, VERY efficient the entire visit. They check your BP- which most dentists do not anymore. They also have state of the art dental equipment with the best technology. One thing I noticed is everyone there is doing a task to ensure the patient is not just sitting in the chair waiting, they are VERY coordinated. I am horrible with names but I believe it was Marcus/Marco, he was just the sweetest and just so good at his job. Taylor Nguyen and there was another lady I believe Kay? So sorry if the name is wrong, EVERYONE was lovely. We got to chat and it was like we knew each other already. I am so pleased with my first visit, husband is going there now too. They explain all charges before performing anything, VERY transparent unlike other dentists around here. You will get so much more than just a typical cleaning. Great job!

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