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    Jonathan Willkom
    November 30, 2023

    Reckless crew with no care. When they drive their vehicles they speed, tailgate, and blow through a school zone at double the posted limit. This is especially for the truck driver on Galleria towards Lake Las Vegas on 11/30/23 at 7:50am. They almost caused a crash where another car had to swerve away.

    Rachel A
    August 25, 2023

    This company is not professional at all. Bad company to work for! My friend worked for this company and tried to report safety hazard because there is a new labor that doesn’t know anything and the Supervisor told the new employee to get in a 10 ft deep hole with no ladder and no shoring let alone no one was watching him. My friend and his foreman automatically told the guy to get out the hole because that is very dangerous to be in there. Supervisor id say more stupid visor ….came back and jumped in the hole yelling that this should have be done a long time ago. My friend went to his safety house with in the company only to get retaliated with in the whole next week. They started picking on him to find a reason to fire him. Dodge yourself a bullet and don’t work for this company!

    Ale Torres
    February 03, 2023

    Very reckless and careless drivers !! Truck number #086 is very bad at driving we always somehow meet at Cheyenne road at the same time and is always so close to crashing into me. Made me brake rlly fast because he was trying to get on the same lane as me when he was literally right next to me ! This is not the first time it’s happened 3 times already when he does a turn he does not check if there’s more cars coming ! Western states company please do something with this employee, thank you.

    Conrad Booth
    November 05, 2021

    They are currently working to replace the gas lines in my neighborhood. Their crews have been very disrespectful. Sitting in my yard, leaving their lunch trash in my yard, blocking my driveway, leaving vehicles idling out front all day. I explain myself to the crews every time, but yet they keep doing the same things. I understand construction is loud and dirty, but at least try to be respectful. If you are thinking of working for them, just dont. Join a union and make twice what this rat contractor will pay you.

    Cynthia Estrada
    December 02, 2019

    They are working in my neighborhood now, some of there drivers need to be careful . They park way to close to our cars, just bought my car a week a ago and all of the sudden theres a nick on the front of my car. Now it's not a big deal but they should apologize and not laugh when i ask if they know what happened. Very rude

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