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    Jodi L. Peña
    June 30, 2023

    This was our first meal of our Las Vegas Fremont trip and it was awesome! We arrived on the late side and the staff and chef were welcoming and friendly. We tried the seafood risotto and the steak with the added corn ribs. I enjoyed red wine while my gal pal had white, my husband had a cocktail, and our friend chose a local beer. We had a lovely time here!

    D. Burns
    July 07, 2023

    Went on a week night early evening with reservations. Greeted warmly, head hostess wished me a Happy Birthday and said she would pass it on to my server. First impressions, indoors is small and decor is simple. Unfortunately the sewer smell does come Indoors with the side door open. We didn't go upstairs. Food looked good but we just could not taste much flavor in our dishes. Nothing special to report, Instagram got me all excited but it was a miss this day. I ordered a fruity drink that should have been garnished with mint leaf and flower like they display it on Insta but it came plane. It was also just okay. The sushi bunker and corn ribs were the only things I liked. Seems like a fun night spot and perhaps it was just an off day. Sadly it was my birthday dinner and I left disappointed.

    Michelle Stiles
    April 03, 2023

    Amazing flavors! I enjoyed everything… tomato salad was superb, the tortellini was mouthwatering, the corn is the best I’ve ever had! Fried milk dessert wow! Lovely surprise with caramel and cinnamon kettle corn, a great way to end the meal. Almost forgot, all the signature cocktails are soooo good!! Ask for Natalie, she was wonderful!

    Nicole Roch
    April 15, 2023

    First of all, the positives: The location and decor - 10/10 immaculate Plating 10/10 Service 10/10 Flavour - here’s where I am going to be finicky - The corn ribs were 12/10 and I’m desperate to have these again. We shared them between two of us, and I could have easily eaten just this for supper. Such a creative dish, and so ridiculously good. I’m obsessed. The pork belly sliders were just ok. I thought the presentation was beautiful, but the squid ink buns were too soft and there was too much sauce, making the whole thing a bit gooey. If the buns were crisped up or maybe topped with some crunchy sesame seeds, perhaps that would have offset the texture issue. It also needed some heat or acid to cut the richness of the pork belly and squid ink. 6/10 The chicken sliders were really tasty, but only a 7/10 for me. The pickles were too mild, making this dish uninteresting to me. It was tasty for sure, but they could do more here to elevate the dish. Prices are reasonable. Take note as well the portions are very large - we were told most people share 3-4 plates and we barely finished 2 1/2!

    Nikki Kitko
    May 15, 2023

    Do not let their availability fool you, the restaurant is just new, and they are very good!!! We came here because of the awesome reviews but also my poor planning and waiting until the last minute to make reservations somewhere. I’m so glad we did 😆 We were ushered in by the hostess, and were greeted with lovely decor, a cozy seating area, and our friendly server, Andrea. She gave us the low-down how the dishes are intended to be shared, although that was optional. She also recommended the corn ribs! We ordered drinks, and I loved mine! It was beautiful, refreshing, not overly sweet, and tasted like fresh ingredients! Easily the best cocktail I had in Vegas! My bf ordered a riff on an Old Fashioned. Our meal started out with the amuse bouche, which was an octopus ceviche. The texture of the pita chip, along with the salty-sour ceviche and tender chewiness of the octopus was a vivid wake up to the taste buds. It’s also a nice touch to be brought amuse bouche at a restaurant. We continued on to the much raved over corn ribs, and boy were we not disappointed! The way you eat them, the flavors, and the sensory experience from the pop rocks was so whimsical! You must get these!!! We then received our curry mussels and fries, and the duck dish arrived at the same time. The mussels were tender, and the curry sauce was very savory and delicious. I loved dipping the fries in! My bf is a huge fan of duck, and I kind of usually am grossed out by the flavor and texture, however I had an open mind and gave it a taste. This preparation made me a believer! It was tender, juicy, the sauces and mashed vegetables that came with it balanced it all out. Very delicious! The dish I was most excited to try was the Octopus!!! It came out beautifully and the portion was generous! There’s a black sauce on the plate that I soon learned was a spicy indulgence, be cautioned!!! The tomatoes were juicy and a nice balance. The potato slices under it, however, I’m not sure if it was intended, but let’s just say they were “medium rare” 😆 a bit undercooked for my liking. Not terrible, and since we ordered so much food, it was easy to overlook. The Tuna tataki is fresh, tasty, and very satisfying! Can’t go wrong with a seared rare tuna, it’s one of our favorite things to eat. Our last stop was the Bahn Mi Bao. Very fun presentation, and a rich decadent dish. Glad we had it! Our server offered us dessert and just when I thought I had no room left, she suggested checking into Yelp for a free Chocorol! I figured it was worth it, and I’m glad we did! Ohhh it was chocolatey, refreshing from the ice cream, and all in all a great way to end the meal. We stopped by the chef to thank him for his food, and he was gracious and approachable. It’s cool to see him putting the finishing touches on things and overseeing the dishes coming out of the kitchen! I really liked that, it felt like a personal touch. We also had a celebrity sighting!!! My bf was absolutely geeking out!!!! We didn’t bother him since he was enjoying dinner with his family. The portions of every dish was generous, the flavors are creative and delicious, and the presentation is beautiful and impressive. I really want this restaurant to flourish and be prosperous, so I’d like to offer some feedback as well- Someone who wasn’t our server came by our table and took our remaining corn rib away. It was on a clean plate by itself and we put it aside to make room for the other entrees. He didn’t ask if we were done with it, and I would’ve really liked to have it boxed and brought home! Not a huge deal, but disappointing and could have been avoided with simple communication. If something is going to be spicy on the plate, please indicate it on the menu, or have the server indicate it upon delivery. The black sauce on the octopus took me by surprise, and I was looking for something on the plate to put out the heat but at that point I didn’t know what was what. I enjoyed the dish and think would order it again and avoid the black sauce

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